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Daily Mail - Merry Christma...zzz

Adorable video shows baby girl struggling to keep her eyes open as she sits at the table exhausted from all the festive chores

  • A video shared on Facebook shows a video of a child falling asleep at the table

  • The clip was shared on Facebook by the Sydney-based mother, Siobhan Rennie

  • Ms Rennie wrote: 'All this Christmas prep is exhausting mum' next to the video

  • The accompanying clip shows the baby girl repeatedly nodding off

  • Ms Rennie regularly snapshots of her two children and stories on her blog


Kidspot - "Today I swear my 2.5 year old hated me"

23 December 2016

Me Oh My Mum blogger Siobhan Rennie tells it like it is in a raw and refreshing rant about motherhood...

Huffington Post - Woman Says 'F Off' To Mom Guilt With Bottle-Feeding Instagram

29 November 2016

Last week, Australian mom and blogger Siobhan Rennie posted a photo of herself feeding her 13-month-old daughter, Aoife, with a bottle.

It may seem like an unremarkable post, but in the midst of the countless “brelfies” that inundate the parenting social media sphere, Rennie’s bottle-feeding photo is somewhat of a rarity. 

That’s why she’s using her powerful Instagram post to fight against the mom guilt that often accompanies mothers’ breastfeeding decisions. 


Daily Mail - Mother-of-two on how she learned to love her 'jiggly' post baby body 

'My boobs are saggier... my lower tummy doesn't seem to want to go away'

  • Siobhan Rennie struggled to regain her self-confidence after having kids

  • 'My boobs are saggy. Everything is a bit jiggly,' the mother-of-two said

  • No amount of diet or exercise would regain her pre-baby body, she said

  • Instead, the 36-year-old had finally learned to love the skin she is in


Mamamia - "A little tough love for mums with ‘just’ one baby…"

1 November 2016

Out there with one baby, your first born, thinking how hard it is? How you literally have NO IDEA what to do? How difficult it is to get out of the house some days?

Yeah, I feel you. I’ve been there. I know how scared you are. How sore you are. How every little thing can seem insurmountable. How exhausted you are.

I feel you, trust me, and I sympathise. I really REALLY do.

But, I have a message for you all (and here’s a bit of tough love for you…sorry).

Suck it up. RIGHT NOW...

Mamamia - "I was shamed for my parenting"

10 October 2016

I’ve written about this before, and (unfortunately) I’ll probably write about it again.

Mums judging other mums. There’s no place for it. It’s got to STOP.

In the same week, I had several groups of mums who I thought were ‘fellow mamas in the trenches with me’ judging me for my motherhood skills.

To the women who rolled their eyes and stared as I dragged my tantruming 2 year old kicking and screaming across the sand at the beach the other day, with my other 11 month old babe on my hip, and did nothing to sympathise or help… F YOU. You should be ashamed...

 Kidspot and Garnier: My plate is full

There is no doubt that being a mum is the best job in the world. But as any mum would tell you, it’s also pretty damned hard and hectic at times!

Our children are 17 months apart, so we have a 2 year old and 9 month old (well, technically we have a 26 month old and 9 month old, but no one wants to be ‘that’ person!).

Having our two so close together is very full on, particularly when I’m solo parenting a lot due to my husband’s work. The days are oh-so amazing, but they’re also long. And sometimes the nights are even longer...


Mamamia - "I'll never apologise for getting Botox"

2 August 2016

I’m a mum of two babies aged two and under. As a family, we’ve been on one full time income for nearly 2.5 years now. And last week I got botox. And I spent a couple of hundred dollars on it.

A waste of money you say? How selfish of me? What right do I have to spend our hard-earned money on something as frivolous as that?

I know some of you are thinking something along those lines. And you know what? I don’t give a f*ck...


Mamamia - Stop the mummy shaming already

2 July 2016

Breast or formula. Co-sleeping or cot. Safe sleeping, routine parenting, baby-led weaning or spoon fed, homework, chores, reward charts…you name it, and we mums have a stance on it.

Which is more than fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. Each to her own, and all of that. It’s all good.

But what’s NOT good is when mums think that it’s their way or the highway. 


Mamamia - Survival guide for solo-parenting mamas.

20 June 2016

If your other half travels a lot, or works long hours, you’ll know the load that is solo parenting. That feeling of being on the go non-stop. The responsibility of being the only one around to care for the kids. It’s relentless. Particularly if you don’t have help.

You try to explain it to your partner, but sometimes feel like they don’t understand you and everything that you do. But it’s not their fault that they don’t notice you’ve cleaned the house top-to-toe several times by the time they get back, or that they have clean undies exactly when they need them. They’re not in the thick of it. You are.

My point is that doing it alone is hard. I know this all too well. My husband works 12 hour days so isn’t around for the morning or evening routines. He also travels every week. We have two kids aged two and under, so their needs are many (double nappies, UGH). I also work from home. So the struggle, and juggle, is real!

I’m not complaining. But in over a year of doing this now, I’ve learned a few things. Here are my tips for getting through it...


mamamia - dads get post natal depression too

23 May 2016

Since being diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety a few months ago, my eyes have been opened to the day to day reality for many mums. So many feel like a giant dark cloud is over them no matter what they do.

There is a stigma associated with postnatal depression and anxiety which means sufferers find it hard to talk about it publicly. Many think it’s because we don’t love our babies or because we’re not happy with our new lives as mums. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a disease, a chemical imbalance and something that is beyond our control.

Thankfully, many organisations, bloggers and support groups out there are slowly but surely lifting the dark cloud surrounding the topic and are being outspoken in their support of mothers who are suffering.

However, what about dads?

Sure, new dads can be anxious or stressed. That comes with the territory, right? Yes, but it came as a bit of a surprise to me to learn that not only can new fathers experience postnatal depression as many as one in 10 dads are affected.


mamamia - the maternity leave myth

11 May 2016

There is a huge misconception, mainly held by men, those without kids or even pregnant women themselves, that maternity leave is a ‘break’ from work.

Bullshit. I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

I know where these people are coming from though. Pre-kids, when I was pregnant and working 12 hour days, I often thought that once I had the baby I’d get a ‘break’. I was used to a high stress role and thought once I got into the swing of things with my baby I might get a bit of time to relax. Sleep, even.

I even had visions of making fabulous-fellow-new-mummy-friends that I’d have looooong fancy well-dressed lunches with as we admired our cooing babies. Or heading to the beach to lie on the sand reading a book for hours.

Ok, maybe I didn’t take those fantasies THAT far. But I did imagine I’d have spare time on my hands...


the motherish - Mums pay a price for being ‘forced’ to work from home.

11 May 2016

Mums are being forced to work from home as a “last resort” and paying a high price for it, according to new research.

Setting up a business working from home is now a must for an increasing number of Australian mums because of inflexible employers and to save on childcare costs, the study found.

I work from home as a freelancer and I have two children under two years of age. The eldest is in daycare three days a week, so I can work. The youngest is always home with me.

I’ve certainly seen an explosion of mummy-run businesses, particularly on social media where there is an abundance of 'mumpreneurs'. I personally know a handful of mums who run their own businesses because they had a talent and wanted to use it. Being at home gave them the 'ideal' work from home scenario where they could be with their children while they are young but also still have an outlet.

I don't know any who have been forced to do it. But then, I guess they wouldn't admit to that – would they?

Setting up shop from home is seen as the better option financially, in the short term at least. But what about the impacts on the mum?...


the motherish - my toddler is the worst kind of dictator

4 May 2016

Ahhh toddlerhood. My husband and I are right in the thick of it with our about-to-turn-two year old. His behavior has changed rapidly over the last six months. Some good, some bad. I can’t help wonder (actually, pray!) that when it comes to the bad he’s just hit the 'terrible twos' early and it’ll all be over soon. I’m dreaming, right?

Life with our little man is brilliant. He makes our hearts explode. He and his sister make our world go round. He makes us laugh. He makes us (mainly me) cry. And he also makes me tear my hair out on the regular. He’s definitely become the little dictator of our household...


the motherish - how did you know when you were done having babies?

18 April 2016

This morning my husband left on yet another work trip, so I’m alone with our two little ones again. Both are under the age of two (six months and 23 months). I work from home and we don’t have help, other than a bit of daycare. So it’s a lot of hard work.

I’m not complaining. Far from it. Having them was the best decision we ever made. But that doesn’t change the fact that right now, it’s a slog.

The thing is, my husband and I always said we wanted two babies – but maybe even three. Some days, like yesterday when we were all together and having an amazing time, we look at each other and say “one more?” with a smile. Then there are others, particularly some nights when both kids have been unsettled and we’ve both been working long hours, that we’re more like “hell no, we’re done”.

I’ve been wondering if there’s some sort of sign I should be looking out for. Did you ‘just know’ when you were done? What were the factors you took into consideration?...


the motherish - a day in the life of a hungover parent

12 April 2016

We all know that parenting with a hangover is the WORST. All you want to do is lie on the couch or in bed, but no – there are children there who actually need entertainment, nappy changes and food. How dare they! ;)

I went out with some friends last Friday night. It was my second night out since our son Harry was born. And he’s NEARLY 2. Needless to say, I have zero stamina for partying these days. So the day after went a little something like this…


the motherish - I've let down my little boy, but don't call me a bad mum

7 April 2016

I know this little boy. He has my eyes. My smile. My husband’s adventurous spirit. His hair and height. He wants to know how EVERYTHING works. He’s obsessed with cars and building.

He’s everything I imagined he’d be. He’s our first little love, our son. He means the world to me.

And yet, I feel like I’ve failed him.

Apparently he is behind in his speech. And I completely missed it.

It wasn’t until my nearly two-year-old’s child care teacher made a point of saying he had a lot less words than some of the other kids, then insinuated I was a bad mum (gee, THANKS), that I realised something might be wrong...


the motherish - is snapchat another reality show?

4 April 2016

A few years ago, Snapchat was all about naked pictures. And no, before you assume I only know that because I was sending racy pics, I assure you (and my husband!) I was not.

Nowadays, I've noticed that now Snapchat has become the social medium of choice for social media-savvy superstars. If they’re big on Instagram or Facebook, chances are they’re now on Snapchat as well. Many of them claim it’s the way they show that they’re “real and raw”, either via pictures or (the more popular option) video.

Well, I call bullshit. Correction, I CALLED bullshit.

At first I didn’t get it. Just another social platform for us to all passively scroll through and waste our spare time with, right? What are all these people who are huge on Snapchat showing there that they don’t show on other apps?

So, as an experiment, I went on there this weekend and followed a few of them. What did I find?


the motherish - Partners, here’s what we REALLY think about all those things you do to ‘help’

20 March 2016

Last weekend my husband spent most of Sunday trying to build ‘stuff’. He’s into looking at things in shops or online and seeing if he can replicate them himself.

Now, I don’t mind that. I like stuff. I like him being creative. What I don’t like is the time he chooses to do it. I mean, come on – is the kids’ bedtime, when we have a tanty-throwing toddler and sick baby, REALLY the best time to be MIA in the garage? When I’ve done bedtime all damn week do I really want to be doing it alone on the weekend as well? Hell no.

It got me thinking. Yes, we love our other halves to help. We appreciate it oh so much. But how many things do our partners do, with the best of intentions, that really hinder instead of helping?


the motherish - the 5 ways i was a bad mum today

8 March 2016

When I first started out in this motherhood gig, I was determined to be the perfect mum. I’ve since learned, the hard way, that there’s no such thing. Setting yourself up to do everything perfectly is setting yourself up for failure. So, I decided to be ‘good’.

When our first born was tiny ‘good’ meant homemade food, no screen time, loads of play and interaction, stories and baths every single night before bedtime, and more.

Oh, how things have changed!

We’ve all had one of ‘those days’. You know, the days when you child won’t stop whining, all day, for no perceivable reason, or won’t let you get anything done, or won’t stop throwing tantrums.

Nearly two years on, and with our second bub in the household, I’ve learned that what we mums can consider ‘bad’ is sometimes just necessary. 

These are the ways I was a ‘bad mum’ to my toddler today...

the motherish - when should you have another baby

24 February 2016

My husband and I have two children under the of two. They are 17 months apart – currently four months and 21 months – and a ‘pigeon pair’. The most common response when I tell people how old they are is “woah, you must be busy”. I feel like responding “derrrrr, of course”, but (usually) manage to hold my tongue and smile.

I’ve written before about how tough the logistics of two under two (then two under 18 months) are. I’ve even landed myself with postnatal depression – which has come on due to a combination of a few factors, but I’m sure the craziness of the age gap has a little something to do with it. 

Taking all of that into account, I’m sure people wonder whether it’s all been worth it. Would I do it differently if I had a choice? Do I regret our decision to “go again” so soon? I had my mothers group ask me the other day what I thought, as they were all discussing when they would try for another baby. I’ve even asked myself the same questions...

the motherish - 8 things a father-to-be should never say in the delivery room

16 February 2016

My husband is funny. He’s Scottish (need I say more) and has a quick wit. He likes to think he’s a bit of a comedian, and 99% of the time most people would agree that he’s kind of hilarious.

However, there have been two occasions in our life together where he has definitely NOT been funny. And both were the arrivals of our children.

Each time I was giving birth my husband got so nervous that he started cracking joke after joke (after joke…). It was verbal diarrhea in the worst way. His jokes were that bad that even the midwives gave him disappointed looks.

So fellas, from a woman who has given birth naturally twice, here’s some advice about what you definitely SHOULD NOT say in the delivery room...

the motherish - how my top drawer has changed now that I'm a mum

14 February 2016

We’re moving house this week. My most hated task EVER. And when you add a 21 month old and four month old into the mix, moving just got that much more fun (note, sarcasm!).

Anyway, I’m in the process of packing and clearing out a whole heap of shit that we’ve accumulated. This morning I got to the top drawer of my bedside table. And I got to thinking how my poor old top drawer has become a whole lot less interesting since I became a mum.

Sex toys, what sex toys? All that remains is a dusty vibrator sans-batteries (they’re in the baby swing since we ran out a while ago, and I haven’t had the energy, time or care-factor to replace them)...

the motherish - becoming a mum has gotten rid of my high maintenance ways

10 February 2016

I’m the first to admit that I used to be a bit of a diva. It used to take me a good hour or more to get ready in the mornings (make that 2 if I was going out at night). In my pre-mum life, you name it and it had to be perfect – from my hair, to my career, to my body, to my food. I liked perfection, in myself, and strived for it. I was highly strung and without a doubt high maintenance.

Oh how things have changed since I’ve become a mum! These days, I’m what you could consider ‘low maintenance’. Well, in all honesty, my husband probably wouldn’t quite agree that I’ve changed COMPLETELY – but I do know that, as my priorities have changed, so have my high maintenance ways.

Here’s how...

the motherish - I'm doing things differently this time around

24 January 2016

I’ve been a mum for nearly two years. I have a three month old girl and a 20 month old boy. And wow, what a roller coaster ride motherhood has been so far.

I’m pretty proud of myself. My babies are happy and healthy. I’ve adjusted okay to being a stay and work at home mum. I love my kids more than anything and am in awe of the little people they’re becoming. I’m happy with how my husband and I are raising them.

But, I wish we’d done a few things differently.

There are a few things I regret not doing with our firstborn, things we’re rectifying this time around with our baby girl, some because of circumstance and some deliberately...

the motherish - The 7 most useless pieces of advice about motherhood

15 January 2016

When you’re pregnant or have a new baby, everyone gives you advice. The shop assistant, the kind old dear walking past, the work know-it-all… you name them and they’ve got an opinion.

I had two babies in under 18 months so, boy, have I heard more than enough. And as far as I’m concerned there are some that you can really just take or leave…

the motherish - “What I learned on my 10 day break from social media, as a self-confessed social media addict.”

Hi, my name is Siobhan and I’m a social media addict ;)

It’s true. I love a good scroll through Instagram. Then Facebook. Then back to Instagram, maybe for some hashtag perusing and profile stalking. And scrolling. Always scrolling. So much so that my toddler, at 20 months of age, can scroll like a boss from seeing me do it so much. Yep, bad mum right here.

But social media is a great escape from the groundhog-day-ness of everyday mum life.

Us mums are on our phones a LOT for our personal lives. For me, I also have a profile for my blog on Instagram, so being active on social media is ‘work’. But sometimes I am guilty of being on there too much when I’m meant to be focussed on other things. I definitely have a problem.

So, over Christmas and New Year I had a little social media detox and for 10 days I logged off completely. What did I learn? Well…

The motherish - "Dear Breastfeeding, we might break up with you…”

5 January 2016

Dear Breastfeeding, my baby and I might have to break up with you. It’s not you, it’s us. You just don’t work for us.

You see, physically we DO work. But us being together is an emotional, torturous, right royal pain in the ass. So this could be goodbye...

Our time together hasn’t been wonderful. It has been full of pain. While we got together for all the right reasons, and it worked initially, maintaining our relationship has been tough.

I’m still willing to give you a chance. Some days, we get along great. But others are very emotional and have us in constant tears.

Call me slack for even considering this. Yes, I know that ’breast is best' – but what if breast just doesn’t work best for you, your bub and your whole family?

the motherish - "We’re not in Kansas anymore, husband”

4 January 2016

The dynamics of a household are always evolving.

First off you have to get used to living with your significant other (and all their bad habits), then once you have a baby there are a whole heap of changes that a small human brings. Then, maybe another one or more small humans arrive who each bring their own set of unique challenges. Home life just got a whole heap more raw and messy.

Here’s a look at just a few things that change when you’re in a long term relationship with kids...

the motherish - having two kids under 18 months was a shock to the system

16 December 2015

Everyone said we were mad going for a second child so soon. And we knew that. But it still didn’t stop us.

When we decided to try for a second baby our first was six months old and all we knew was a six-month-old’s behaviour. We knew ‘in theory’ what a toddler was like, but we hadn’t yet experienced OUR child as a toddler.

Don’t get me wrong, it was the best decision we’ve ever made. We fell pregnant when our first was just eight months. Our children will grow up close in age, exactly like we wanted, and I hope that means closeness on many levels. But having two kids under 17 months was a shock to the system, to say the least.

Our first, a boy, was 17 months old when his sister was born seven weeks ago. If I had to describe my first few weeks of life as mum to two kids under 18 months in one word it would be WOAH...

the motherish - i'm saying no to all the unnecessary Christmas expectations

14 December 2015

I’m a perfectionist. And one of the biggest lessons I learned in my first year or so of being a mum is that perfectionism and motherhood do not go hand in hand.

When it comes to Christmas, us mums can get caught up in ‘keeping up with The Joneses’ (whoever the heck they are!). In the last week, I’ve seen mums on social media posting photos of things like their handmade gingerbread castles. Meanwhile, I’m all “well today I fed my kids, kept them alive and we bought a $20 advent calendar while my son threw a huge tantrum…”

Last year was our first with our son Harry. Yep, ‘baby’s first Christmas’. A big song and dance. And I succumbed to the pressure to make it perfect.

This year we have two kids and I’m saying NO to all the unnecessary Christmas expectations. Because less is more for us this Christmas...

the motherish - ten things you should never say to a pregnant woman

For some reason, when a woman announces she is pregnant it’s like her body is suddenly public property. Everyone wants to know every little detail or, even worse, make their own assumptions about what’s going on with the pregnancy.

As a woman who’s 38 weeks pregnant with her second baby, I thought I’d heard it all – until this weekend just gone when I was the subject of a new level of unwelcome comments from random people.

So, here’s a look at all the things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman...

The motherish - Are parents ruining play time?

5 October 2015

Over the last few months our son Harry has learned to not only walk but run. He’s so active and busy that it’s become pretty damn essential for him to blow off as much steam as possible during the day so that he sleeps well as night.

This means trips to the playground have become our life. He’s getting amongst it and causing chaos, stealing others’ scooters (not to mention buckets, spades etc…), chasing little girls (always the little girls!) around the playground and pushing in front of other kids in the cue for the slide.

He has gradually learned this behaviour from other kids. And as he learns how to behave in the playground, so do I.

As a first time mum who didn’t have any nieces, nephews or friends’ kids to take to the park, it’s been interesting to watch how all of us mums behave and interact...

the motherish - The things I wish my childfree friends understood

1 October 2015

No, I'm not "boring". I haven't "changed". I have a child!

Five years ago, I suddenly found myself single, moving interstate to start a new life and about to turn 30 (insert doomsday ‘da-da-DA’ sound here!). The majority of my old close friends were ‘loved up’ and in the process of having babies, something I thought I ‘should’ have been doing by that age.

Gradually I settled in, kept climbing that corporate ladder and became pretty darn happy. My social life became very important to me.

The thing is, most of my old friends didn’t want to go out with me drinking and looking for ‘the one’. They had responsibilities, so I hardly ever saw them. I now look back and realise just how much I didn’t understand everything they had on their plate.

Now, the tables have turned. I’m married with a 16 month old and another baby on the way in just a few weeks. I try to stay in touch with those single childfree friends but increasingly I’m finding it harder and harder...

the motherish - mr turnbull, we need urgent action on domestic violence

21 September 2015

The week before last, three people were brutally killed in Queensland in domestic and family violence incidents. Horrific, yes, and the stuff nightmares are made of. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. On average, one woman dies EVERY WEEK in Australia as a result of domestic violence, but so far this year it’s up to two women.

How did you react to the news? Did you think “oh that’s so horrible” but in the back of your mind were you thinking “it would never happen to me”?

Think again.

Just so we’re clear, I’m well versed on this subject. No, I’m not a scholar. I’m not an advocate. I don’t work for a Not For Profit. I was a victim.

the motherish - women are getting fatter because they are doing less housework


Apparently women are getting fatter because they are doing less housework. Boo-bloody-hoo!

Researchers in the UK say the fact that women are spending less time on household chores is contributing to the country’s obesity epidemic. The average British woman now spends nearly 20 per cent less of her day on housework than women did in the early 1980s.

Conducted by researchers from Manchester University and Royal Holloway, University of London, the study found women now spend more time at work rather than in the home, and it’s this swap that may be responsible for putting the weight on.

So we’re sitting on our butts at work instead of running around looking after the household? Ah well, deal with it!...

the motherish - go the fuck to sleep: why I now officially hate bedtime

10 SEPT 2015

I was a mum who used to proudly say “he sleeps through” when asked how my baby was at night. From four months of age, our ‘little angel’ slept 7pm until 7am with one very occasional feed at night.

Alright alright, I hear you saying “you lucky b*tch”, and you’re probably partially right. Yes, luck had something to do with it, but I think it was also due to some hard work by my husband and I.

I was one of those annoying stickler-for-a-routine parents. We followed a routine book from when our son was just six weeks old and boy, did it work.

That was then. This is now...Fast forward to 15 months of age and I officially hate bedtime.

the motherish - Thanks very much, pregnancy insomnia

2 SEPT 2015

“I’m 33 weeks along and I’ve got pregnancy insomnia.”

It’s 3am and I’m lying in bed willing myself to get some much-needed shuteye before our energetic 15-month-old wakes up. It’s now been six weeks of on and off winter sickness and not much sleep for all of us. Add the fact that I’m 33 weeks pregnant and to say I’m pretty knackered is an understatement.

But I’ve got pregnancy insomnia.

It’s such a cruel fact of life that pregnant women often suffer the worst insomnia, when we clearly need all the rest we can get.

Apart from “Go the f*ck to sleep!”, my thoughts are all about how I’m going to cope when baby Number Two comes along. As time flies in the lead up to Number Two’s arrival I’m finding myself more and more frantic about the logistics of having two children under 18 months and increasingly sad that my time with just my little man is coming to an end...

the motherish - why i will always choose public

26 AUGUST 2015

Something I never knew about pregnancy before I experienced it was how much of a minefield of worry it can be. Women seem to approach it in one of two ways – some stay in denial about everything that ‘could or should’ happen, while others verge on paranoia.

Of course, the type of care a woman receives throughout her pregnancy can be a major factor in what type of experience she has. In Australia in 2009, 34 per cent of women giving birth elected to go private, while the remaining women were public patients.

I was very much in the ‘paranoid’ category with my first pregnancy.

The birth itself was eventful. I’ll spare you the details, but when it was all over and my husband was sent home, all I wanted was him back by my side throughout that scary first night, comforting me and helping with the newborn that I had no idea what to do with. But that’s where my longing for a private system experience ended...

the motherish - a lot has changed

23 August 2015

It’s morning and I drag my sorry a** around the house (easier said than done in the final trimester of pregnancy number 2 with severe pelvic pain) to tend to my toddler's stinking nappy and get him breakfast.

An hour later, there’s pee on the floor thanks to said toddler’s newfound ability to take his own nappy off, banana smeared on the walls, fingerprints all over the windows and so much crap in the kitchen I can no longer see the actual bench. Despite the fact that I cleaned the entire house just before bed last night.

There’s a lot about my life that has changed since having a baby.

the motherish - hOW TO RAISE A 'GOOD' KID

10 August 2015

Our 15-month-old is now at a stage where disciplining is necessary. Random ‘I don’t want to sleep’ tantrums in the middle of the night and repetitive climbing of the sofa, then windowsill, just to launch himself off are becoming the norm.

And I know it’s just the beginning.

That, and some other recent events, have got me thinking about how we best raise him to continue to be caring. How do we nurture his good nature, instill decent values, and enforce what’s right and what’s wrong?

Researchers at Harvard University have found that the seeds of empathy, caring, and compassion are present from early in life, but that to become caring, ethical people, children need adults to help them nurture these skills at every stage of childhood.

Mother and Baby - 7 ways your second pregnancy is different to your first

2 July 2015

Something you work out pretty quick when you’re welcomed into the world of ‘mum life’ is that every mother and baby is different. Yes, you can get good advice from fellow mums, but we all have different backgrounds, routines and preferences. And just like no two motherhood journeys are the same, no two pregnancies are either – even for the same woman.

I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second child. My son is a 13-month-old toddler and recently I’ve been reflecting on just how different this pregnancy is to my last – the good, the bad and the ugly…

ivillage - I'm sorry for the way i managed you

13 June 2015

I have a confession to make.

It’s been tough deciding whether or not to open up on this matter, because what I’m about to admit may make people think less of me.

But here goes: to all the mums and dads I’ve worked with in the past, I have an apology to make.

When I was your manager, I have to admit I didn’t have much tolerance for your situation. I wasn’t a very understanding boss. This wasn’t out of any malice – it was simply because I Just. Didn’t. Get. It...

iVillage - When being 'just a mum' is not enough

1 June 2015

"Am I losing my mind? Am I boring? Am I going mental?"

That feeling you get when you first hold your newborn son or daughter and start to bond is unlike anything else.

The weeks and months that follow are an amazing and never-get-back time of your and your partner’s lives. Painful and gory yes, but absolutely beautiful all the same.

The ‘new baby haze’ can last a long time. When our now 12-month-old baby boy Harry was just a few weeks old I made the decision that I couldn’t go back to work at four months post-partum like I was meant to.

I was blissfully happy staying home with him, watching him grow and devouring every development and moment. It wasn’t until he was around nine months old that things started to change.

Mother and Baby - 'Go to BLEEP to sleep!'

26 May 2015

As a mum, there are many days that are magical. But today is not one of those days. Today is shit.

I was up most of last night with our 12-month-old son, Harry. He is teething, having a growth spurt, has just had his vaccinations and now has a cold. All at once. So, needless to say, sleep is a challenge.

I need coffee or wine, or even both – and it’s only 10 am.

Fellow mums, you’ll know the feeling well. The sun comes up, and it’s a new day full of promise and possibility – however, you’re a zombie...

ivillage - Why I’m (most likely) never doing the first trimester again

3 May 2015

I have honestly never experienced anything more horrible…

My most-used phrase lately has been “you don’t understand”. At the depths of despair, being wretchedly sick over the toilet for the umpteenth time that day – day after day, and week after week – there comes a point when there’s not much a very understanding husband can do. And, lashing out in my agony, I have to admit I’ve said those three words to my other half way too much lately.


Mother and Baby - Butt out of my pregnancy

24 April 2015

Enough is enough. Stop the pregnancy shaming.

When a woman falls pregnant, for some reason her body becomes public property. People think it’s their right to comment and judge. But, it needs to stop. NOW...



12 April 2015

We did it. We made another human!

Of course, we feel unbelievably blessed and lucky. We wanted to have our babies close together so being pregnant now when our first bub is 10-months-old is pretty damn perfect. And I haven’t gone back to the corporate world (yet), and am not getting any younger, so why the hell not. But, amongst the joy are some niggling feelings…

It’s all well and good thinking about a potential second baby in theory. But when that little extra line on the pregnancy test appeared, the reality of it started to bite and sheer panic set in. Three words came to mind – I’m. Not. Ready.


mother and baby - I was over 40 and pregnant, deal with it.

2 April 2015

In this digital age, once something is public it seems to be open slather for people to attack. There are those who think judging another’s personal choice is their right, particularly behind the anonymity of a keyboard. 

Take Elle McPherson for example – at age 51, she’s chosen to become a mum via surrogate. The internet trolls are out, saying that she’s too old and it’s selfish. The same happened to Sonia Kruger, who gave birth in January to a baby girl at age 49.

Lorna Berry knows the feeling well. But the judgement she received was right there in her face...

Mother and Baby - When being a stay at home parent feels like Groundhog Day

27 March 2015

This stay-at-home gig can be isolating and hard to take. And, sometimes, parenting feels a lot like Groundhog Day. 

I have no idea where time goes. I can spend an entire day ridiculously busy inside the house with my baby, only for everything to still look like a bomb has hit it at night.

It’s disheartening and frustrating because we work so hard and, at the end of the day, it can feel like we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.


ivillage - Some tips for surviving the first two weeks with a newborn

17 March 2015

Nothing can prepare you for the whole birthing and newborn experience. I don’t care how many books you read, it’s going to hit you hard. Looking back on it, I really had no idea just how much. This is something I wrote two weeks after our little man Harry was born.

Essential Baby - Lessons from a reformed Paleo mum

12 March 2015

We've all seen the criticism of paleo as a fad diet. But what it is exactly? Proponents of paleo claim that during the Paleolithic era – a period lasting around 2.5 million years that ended about 10,000 years ago — humans' nutritional needs were specific to the foods available at that time. The idea is that the dietary needs of modern humans are best adapted to the diet of their Paleolithic ancestors. Others call it the 'Caveman' diet.

And now a new book has reportedly been held back from publication after health officials said babies could die if parents followed its paleo baby recipes – specifically the 'DIY baby milk formula', a chicken liver based broth, which the book claims "mimics the nutrient profile of breast milk"...


ivillage - “I’m calling it. Rigid parenting routines work great in theory – in practice, not so much.

12 March 2015

I recently came across a post on Facebook about something called ‘detached parenting’. A mum was explaining how she’d followed the Gina Ford Contented Baby routine since her baby was a newborn and it wasn’t until her baby was older that she realised how the book had made her a ‘detached parent’.

It got me thinking. A lot. And that’s because we’ve followed that very routine with our baby Harry from around six weeks of age...

ivillage - dear parents, your child is way too young to be using that

[by MeOhMy husband and Dad's Corner writer Davy]

5 March 2015

I was on the phone to my mate last night discussing all the normal stuff we usually cover – the obligatory wife/mum jokes, sports and the family. But when I got off the phone something started to trouble me. His daughter now has a phone. She can text, email, surf the web and access social media. She is an expert on it. It has her own personalised cover, ringtone and screensaver. It was bloody expensive as well.

iVillage - The day i told my husband to 'just put it in'

15 Feb 2015

Last night I actually told my husband to “just put it in, quick”. That actually came out of my mouth. And that’s just not like me. Well, most of the time.

Since having our baby nine months ago, sometimes our love life is back to the way it was pre-baby – all loving and hot. But sometimes, it’s just not. It’s functional. And that’s because we’re trying for Number Two...

mother and baby - 20 truths about being a mum

10 Feb 2015

Becoming a parent is widely considered the most life changing experience a person can have. As a mum, you quickly realise just how much life as you knew it changed forever the moment that little bundle of joy popped (well, squeezed) out.

So here’s a little look at all those things that will never, ever be the same.

iVillage - 'The lesson every new parent learns very quickly

27 Jan 2015

Now that I’m a mum things are out of place a LOT. Things have a habit of not going to ‘plan’ and it can be very stressful (read: absolute catastrophe).

There’s so much pressure coming from all angles. On top of the demands of a baby, there’re the demands of the house, a partner or husband, a job and more. We're expected to be Wonderwoman.

But, I'm learning I can't do it all...

Mother and Baby - '10 Surprises your baby serves up'

14 Jan 2015

Giving birth was pretty eye-opening and disgusting, not only because of the mess (I’m more a little OCD about mess, particularly when it’s on my person!) but also the mechanics of the experience. Yes, it was amazing and life changing, but also downright gross. After having our baby Harry, I guess I thought the yucky stuff was out of the way. Boy, was I wrong.

From copious amounts of snot and poo, to grunting, yelling and vomit, babies love serving it up and waiting for us parents to clean it up. But, of course, with the icky stuff comes a lot of downright loveliness. So here’s a little list of the top ten things I never knew about babies – the good, the bad and the just plain gross...

Mother and Baby - 'I've become THAT mum!'

22 Jan 2015

When I was in my late 20s and early 30s, with my head jammed so far up my own ar*e in my single-dom, I used to roll my eyes when a friend would wax lyrical about their son or daughter and share picture after picture on social media. When one or two of my friends started having babies, meeting up with them was still great, but the baby talk would really truly bore me. I just didn’t get it. My eyes would glaze over and I’d wonder how long it was until I could go meet my girlfriends for a drink and hopefully find Mr Right. Yes, I was a sh*t friend in that department, but I just didn’t understand.

So then I met Mr Right and we had a baby. And, without really realising it until now, I’ve become ‘that’ mum. The one who talks about her baby and how clever he is, non-stop. The one who over-shares about him on Facebook or posts pictures incessantly...

Essential Baby - 'On holding tightly and loving fiercely'

16 Dec 2014

Three children in Sydney will spend this Christmas without their mother. Before I was a mum, I would have found this event very sad and absolutely horrific, but I'm not sure it would have struck me quite as hard. But now that I know what it is to create a little human and be a family, now that I have a little one to hold close, I am sick to my stomach thinking of those three children.

Now more than ever we need to hold our babes close. Enjoy every second. Put away the stress of everyday life and revel in their babyhood...

iVillage - 'Don't judge me for being a stay at home mum'

4 Jan 2015

In a shop the other day the male shop assistant asked what I did for a living. It was 10am on a weekday and I was pushing a pram. When I said ‘I’m a stay at home mum’ he looked at me like I was an alien. Then frowned. And mumbled “Mmm what else do you do?” It took all of my strength not to a) swear at him or b) punch him...

Mother and Baby - 'Your 'lose weight quick' resolution is crap!'

6 Jan 2015

Nearly 60 percent of mums of one to two year olds are still carrying a few extra pounds. So it’s not surprising that many mums make weight loss their New Year’s resolution...

At this time of year that’s a huge influx of advertising plugging shake diets, diet potions, vibro-gyms and miracle weight loss pills that cost the earth. They promise quick results and, for a mum who is time poor, that can be very appealing. But, before you shell out any cash on these products hear this – nine times out of ten, these quick fixes just don't work in the long run.

From one mum to another, here are my top tips for achieving sustainable weight loss and better all-round health this year...

Essential Baby - 'Teaching our Son to say NO!'

25 Nov 2014

Today is White Ribbon Day. For those who don't know it, White Ribbon is Australia's only national, male-led campaign to end men's violence against women.

It's a cause that is very close to my heart. I've lived through a violent, controlling relationship, and have had to rebuild my life...

But I'm not going to rehash the details of that life here. Instead, this article is about how, not just on this day or just for this cause, but ALL THE DAMN TIME, we should be instilling in our sons respect for women and an absolute intolerance for violence if they see it displayed by their mates...