I'm pretty comfortable with my post baby body. I've learned to embrace the loose skin on my tummy and my thighs, and the other changes, after having our two babies in the space of 17 months. I'm constantly in awe of a woman's body and just how much it's capable of.

However, I do like to work on my fitness for one reason - to feel good (not to look good, which was my drive in my 20's!).

Something I've never really spoken about on my blog is the condition I have in my legs. Cutting a long story short, years of pain and suffering and misdiagnosis have meant I've had to cut my activities back drastically.

I was once a group fitness junkie (I even taught it). I did CrossFit (a lot). Both of these were intense, and high impact. One day I woke up with around 8 kilos of fluid in my legs, for no particular reason at all. I was swollen and in pain. And this happened many times. Specialists originally thought it was lymphedema in the lower half of my body - but they’re now investigating compartment syndrome.

Add years and years of dancing (from five years old) and also osteoarthritis in my knees, and my body has sure taken a flogging.

I've learned how to manage all of this. No load (gone are my heavy lifting days), no jumping, no running. Loads of swimming, which I've learned to love. I swim a lot, and walk when I can.

However, I still suffer from that dreaded fluid. It flares up in hot weather, when I've been pushing the kids in the pram a lot, when I haven't had enough sleep or when I've been exercising a little harder than I should.

I've been searching for something to help with the fluid retention. And I think I've finally found it.

I've started at Hypoxi, which is all about low intensity exercise combined with compression therapy and getting the circulation going properly.

It may look and feel a little space age...I was a bit skeptical at first! But, it's been amazing so far.

It may look and feel a little space age...I was a bit skeptical at first! But, it's been amazing so far.

Three sessions in, I can already tell it's doing amazing things for my legs. I have lost so much fluid and have never been sore after a session. Incidentally, I've already lost a few centimetres off my thighs and waist (bonus!). But more importantly, I feel amazing after my sessions.

Watch this space, I’ll keep you updated as I continue my Hypoxi treatments. Yay!

You can check out more about Hypoxi here. And if you're on the northern beaches of Sydney, make sure you stop by and chat with Nikki at Dee Why - she's awesome!



NOTE: This is a sponsored collaboration with Hypoxi. However, MeOhMy never endorses anything that we do not 100% believe in and have tried ourselves.