Right, so after nearly three years out of a gym I finally got my a*s back in there.

For someone who used to be a fitness addict (I'm a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and used to own a gym) that's a LONG time and very not like me.

Rather, not like the 'old me'. The 'old me' had a bit of a problem. She was single, childless, career obsessed and wanted to project a certain 'fit' image. She was way too hung up on having a flat tummy.

The 'me' I've been for the last three or four years couldn't be further from that! Don't get me wrong, I haven't been doing nothing. I love swimming and get to the pool for laps a few times a week. I walk (pushing 25kg plus of double toddler trouble in the pram). But proper gym workouts have been completely non existent. Because, TIME POOR people.

Not that I have an issue with my body, per se. It produced two babies in the space of 17months. Pretty cool and very, very amazing. It's been through a lot, this old bod of mine. So I cut it some slack.

Yes, I weigh less than I did before kids, and I can thank my crazy busy toddlers for that. But, despite that, there are parts I wouldn't mind working on. My tummy could use some tightening. I have no idea what state my ab separation is in. My back is weak. And everything just needs a little tone up, you know?

However, over and above that, I need the gym for SANITY. Uh huh, it's time mummy got some 'me time', completely separate from the children.

Enter the holy grail of gyms, Next Gen Health Clubs.

This place has literally everything. 2 pools (indoor and out), more than 70 classes a week, a cafe (complete with a soft climbing and play gym that the kids can go nuts in while you're enjoying a coffee, ahhhhh!), free weights, functional training, pilates, spin bikes, cardio equipment, squash courts, tennis...phew!

A gorgeous indoor pool, with a kids section as well.

A gorgeous indoor pool, with a kids section as well.

Oh, and most importantly, Next Gen has a crèche. And it's a great one with loads of space and heaps of different age appropriate toys, so the kids will actually have fun and not just be stuck in a small room. Need I say more?

I checked these guys out this week and I was pretty impressed. The staff were friendly and approachable, plus there's so much to choose from to get moving.

I tried a bit of bodyweight stuff on the TRX and rings, did some free weights, and then worked on my ab separation with some exercises my physio (who I saw after Aoife was born) had given me. My separation is only 1cm, but I know I'm still so weak in my stomach compared to how I was before, and it definitely affects my back.

Next Gen are a health and lifestyle club with branches across Australia. It's oh so important that us mamas look after ourselves as well as the kids, and this is an awesome place to get that complete space to focus on you, plus peace of mind that the kids are being looked after well and having fun. And, you can have a coffee and watch them play afterwards, how good!

If you join Next Gen by the 28th of  February, you can enjoy the flexibility of a low commitment membership at no extra cost.


NOTE: This is a collaboration with Next Gen. We NEVER endorse brands or products that we do not 100% believe in, use ourselves and love.