By MeOhMy founder Siobhan (@meohmymum)

I’m not one of these ‘get sorted for Christmas months in advance’ type of people. Oh, I wish.

These last few years, having babies and running businesses, I’ve found myself dashing to the shops way too many times in the days before Christmas desperately trying to find those last minute gifts and stocking fillers.

Just when you think you’re done you remember someone you’ve forgotten to buy for and you’re back fighting the crowds again. With kids in tow. And the toddler tantrum-ing. UGH. It can be never-ending, not my idea of fun at all!

Never fear because Australia Post is to the rescue. Its online store is my new go-to for all things gifting.

You know how some people can be super hard to buy presents for? There are people that you literally have no idea what they like, or that you don't know very well - like an overseas friend's child, or a cousin.

Then there are people like my husband who pretty much 'have it all', haha, and are super opinionated about what they want. I'd say that 90 per cent of the presents I've ever bought for him he's returned or exchanged!

Yes, he's pretty fussy (I blame the Scotsman in him haha). But he also likes to make it a challenge for me to find something different for him...yeah haha, very funny husband :-/

Luckily, Australia Post has a range of gift cards, including for Apple and experiences through Red Balloon, which will suit him perfectly. As will any of their tech gadgets, like earphones and speakers, he's such a tech nerd (#sorrynotsorryhubby).

I'm a big fan of these Donna Hay recipe books, and the kids loved the Sesame Street characters! You can't go wrong with Dory and Nemo either, what kid doesn't love them? (My son Harry is now obsessed with this bag and towel, and takes them EVERYWHERE, bless!).

Australia Post has got you covered with so many gift options online. You can find some Christmas present gold and take the stress out of Christmas time. With something for everyone, and loads of stocking fillers,  you can't really go wrong!



NOTE: This blog is sponsored by Australia Post. However, MeOhMy never endorses anything that we do not love and use ourselves.