Feeling all the feels at the moment. The start of a new year is here, and I've faced all sorts of decision about my work and the kids.

The thing is, being a stay at home mum is just not enough for me.

I have NOTHING against stay at home mums who don't 'work' (in the traditional sense!). The opposite, in fact. I worship you. If you're one of those women who is perfectly content staying at home for good, then go you good thing. You are AMAZING.

But that's just not me. Not full time anyway.

When Harry, our now 2.5 year old, was six months I made the decision to start writing, to work through the little 'identity crisis' I was having in my head about no longer being in the corporate world. My soul searching quickly grew into this blog, and I gained a following. As a former PR exec and journalist, writing has always been my 'thing' so I also started freelance writing for other businesses.

Two years on, both of my ventures are growing and doing well. It's time to take that next step, back myself, and get that headspace and TIME to do those big projects I have always wanted to finish (but haven't had a spare bloody second, darn all those nappy changes!).

Long story short, we're starting Aoife at daycare this week so I can start to change things up a little. And it's got me all emotional. 

Off to 'school' she goes...sniff sniff.

Off to 'school' she goes...sniff sniff.

Harry started 'school' (as he calls it) at 12 months, and Aoife is now 15 months. It's definitely time for her to get the interaction and educational benefits. She'll be going to the same place as Harry and their Early Learning program is excellent.

But I guess I'm struggling with this so much because she's my baby girl. Our littlest. I'm SO protective of her. She's just a little thing, not like our big burly nearly 3 year old :)

Anyway, here we go - two babes at daycare. We're starting out with just one day a week for Aoife, while I continue to work from home on my next moves. I feel safe in the knowledge that I know all her teachers and know the school well. It's really making this a lot easier. It's OH SO IMPORTANT that you find the right daycare for you and your child. 

Harry 'helped' her put her backpack on for the first time :)

Harry 'helped' her put her backpack on for the first time :)

These guys got kitted out for heading back to school by our good friends over at Stuck on You. Gosh, when their new personalised items arrived I was in awe - so cute and so handy!

Their backpacks have their names printed on them (much better than Harry's old bag which I literally drew on with a marker pen almost 18 months ago now, haha), and they have this cool little freezer section in the bottom. Their also a great size, particularly for Aoife since she's pretty tiny still (but tall...those legs!).

Stuck On You backpacks (Captain America inspired for Harry, of course!).

Stuck On You backpacks (Captain America inspired for Harry, of course!).

Their new Bento boxes are very handy. Anyone who follows us on Instagram Stories would have seen the problems we've been having lately getting these guys to eat - well, I tried these Bento boxes out with them the other night and they were a hit. Harry even ate sweet potato (which is saying something for our picky little man). Hallelujiah!

And of course, a good drink bottle that keeps drinks cold and is labelled is a must for daycare. 

Thanks Stuck On You - once again, you've nailed it!

Wish me luck for Aoife's first day on Wednesday. I can already feel the tears welling up! #sook ;) Imagine what I'll be like when they start proper school, eeep!

Thinking of all the mamas out there preparing to do the same and big school!


NOTE: This is a sponsored post for Stuck on You, however we NEVER endorse anything we do not 100% believe in and use ourselves!