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Join us as we speak openly and candidly about all things ‘mum life’.

MeOhMy started at the end of 2014 as a blog all about the life changing experience of ditching the corporate world to be a first-time stay at home mum - going from 'manager to mummy'.

These days, we’re a one-stop shop for anything and everything to do with mummy life and style.

From news to celeb gossip, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, interiors, events, wellness, fitness and all things in between, we’ll keep you entertained while you’re trying to get your little one off to sleep, or when you need a quiet moment to yourself to laugh, enjoy, learn and realise that you’re not alone on this crazy rollercoaster that is motherhood.

These are the stories of not only our journeys but mothers everywhere, and the different ways in which they have approached their new lives as first time mums. Whilst people judge and are judged for their choices, MeOhMy is here to share the stories, not pigeon hole mums into certain categories. Because we know there are no right and wrong ways to approach the most life changing, challenging and rewarding experience in the world.


Founder and Editor – Siobhan Rennie

Mum to baby Harry and 'Peanut' (due October 2015), and wife to Davy, I went through my 20's convinced I’d never settle down and that my career would always be my number one priority. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I started wanting a family. And when I met my husband I knew almost immediately that there are many much more important things in life than work.

These are my stories about going from a somewhat hard-headed corporate woman to a first time stay at home mum, and the identity crisis that went with that.

I have 15 years’ experience in PR, freelance writing, journalism and media and have also worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade. This blog is my passion. I also do freelance PR, copywriting and journalism for various parenting websites and corporates, through my business  The writer by siobhan rennie.

I’m certainly not an expert, definitely don’t have all the answers and there's no way I'm trying to tell anyone what to do. But I hope that by sharing my journey I’ll hopefully help other new mums or pregnant women connect, find common ground and hopefully have a laugh!

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